The Steedman Fellowship, granted since 1925, is awarded biannually on the basis of an International Design Competition. The Competition is supported by an endowment given to the Washington University College of Architecture in honor of James Harrison Steedman.

2015 Steedman Fellowship Honors Announced

Jason Mrdeza, Steedman Fellow

The jury recognized and applauded a well researched understanding of the programmatic and physical context.  This resulted in a strong sense of scale in relation to the campus and its buildings. Specifically, the proposal relates to the adjacent Fumihiko Maki designed Kemper Museum in its unassuming simplicity.  The proposal also presents a measured challenge to historical context of much of the Danforth campus.
Movement through a clear hierarchy of public and private spaces was well considered, being both natural and intuitive. The interesting mix of these spaces for teaching and collaboration reflected an understanding of the Sam Fox School’s underlying pedagogy.
The presentation was simple and smart with clear diagrams supporting the text.

Grant Gibson, Honorable Mention

Ostensibly challenging in form and siting, closer inspection of the proposal reveals a clear and dynamic response to both the campus context and building program.
The large interior space forms a catalyst for interaction between the various disciplines.
The dynamic exterior space between the proposed building and Givens Hall presents a loggia for the Sam Fox School. However, the Jury had concerns about light, scale and habitability of the space.
A very confident proposal, although the written description, while challenging, did not promote a more complete understanding of the project.

Christine Yogiyama, Honorable Mention

The proposal evidenced a thoughtful approach to connecting the building to its context via a rigorous plan analysis of the existing buildings.  The formal qualities of the proposal are unique and sensitive to the adjacent buildings.  Though the initial concept relies on light as a generative idea, many important spaces lack in access to daylight. Perhaps a building section would have been helpful in this regard.

Timothy Kunkel, Honorable Mention

The Jury appreciated the planning aspects of the proposal with its intricate interaction of studio spaces.  The common spaces, however, seemed to lack that level of study and their relationship to the ground was not well represented or understood.